Wax trials out of the kiln

Hey everyone!

My test pieces for the wax resist are now out of the kiln. They have worked in a way but there are some improvements that can be made.

The glaze, as I suspected, was too thick. It has pin holed (tiny pin prick holes) a lot and it also ran a bit, sticking to the kiln shelf on a couple of them. This is not good as then the glaze stuck top the shelf will remelt during each firing – potentially ruining things in future firings. It can also be quite dangerous removing the pots from the kiln shelf as you have to kind of chip them off!

Another reason all this has happened is the fact that they should have been fired to a lower earthenware temperature, but they were taken up higher to a stoneware temperature. This means the clay body went beyond the maturation temperature. Different clay bodies have different impurities in them, which can be released at temperature, reacting with the glaze. It’s all chemistry really! If they were taken even higher – far far beyond an earthenware temperature, the clay body would melt and deform, but this temperature should be ok with a bit of tinkering with the glaze.

So, my trials continue (slowly due to only going into the studio once a week, but alas – bills must be payed).

See below for some pictures, one of all the tests, one of a chipped bottom due to the glaze running and sticking to the kiln shelf and one of the glaze sticking to where the wax resist didn’t fully repel the glaze. Check out the pin holing as well.

Make sure to check back to see if my further trials get results!

WP_20150209_010 WP_20150209_006