Tests And New Stuff

Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t done a blog for quite a long time but I’ve been busy doing research, looking up things for inspiration, new materials, and general motivation. I’ve also been putting the research into practice and below are the results. I’m pretty pleased with them and hope to continue with it all.

WP_20150824_003 WP_20150824_005 WP_20150824_013 WP_20150824_014 WP_20150824_019 WP_20150824_024 WP_20150824_027 WP_20150824_035 WP_20150914_010

Some worked better than others. The main thing that didn’t work was the one┬ácovered in┬áteardrops. The blue is glaze, watered down, some more than others to give different hues. This is then covered with a clear glaze. The teardrop mug bled a lot, with both glazes merging too much. I think using a blue underglaze instead of the blue glaze would work better, meaning no bleeding. Also, the clear glaze is a cheap brush on glaze that I don’t think fits the clay body very well. Perhaps the glaze would work better at a lower temperature in the kiln, but that would mean the clay wouldn’t reach maturation, meaning it wouldn’t be as strong. My tests continue.

I hope you all like the new stuff – I’m looking forward to making lots more and really playing around with the blue decoration. It’s good to have something different to work on, I’ve been doing the flowers and gold for so long. I will always do the flowers and gold, but it’s good to have other ranges – more strings to my ceramic bow!