Plodding along and Woman’s Hour


It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I should let you all know what I’m up to. I’m working on building back up my stocks of certain things, as well as some new stuff – different ways of using the decals, and of course the wax! Today I went back over buckets of old glaze to see what is still usable. Glaze is basically powdered chemicals suspended in water, over time it settles and so needs a good stir every time you use it, and sometimes during use, so imagine how solid it was having not used them for at least a year – probably three! I glazed some stuff in one of the old glazes that seemed good and glazed a test tile with another that was a little questionable, we shall see how they turn out when they’ve been though the kiln.

Here’s some (slightly boring) pictures of works in progress:

        WP_20150330_009        WP_20150330_004         WP_20150323_001 (1)

Today was a very interesting episode of Woman’s Hour on radio 4 entitled A Celebration Of Craft. It touches on the past, present and future of craft, craft as a hobby, craft as a job, craftism and features a designer-maker I’m a fan of – Donna Wilson. Well worth a listen:

Also, radio 4 has recently had a program by Jack Monroe (who is awesome anyway so worth a google) called Inconspicuous Consumption which is all about crockery collections. Mugs have things about them that are pros and cons, and everyone has a different checklist. This is something that I think about when making my mugs – finding the right one for you. At work I drink out of essentially a plastic cup (one work friend calls it my monkey cup) but it feels good in the hand, and feels really nice to drink from. Plus it’s a nice colour. So, yeah, Mbriki guys – I do like my monkey cup! Radio 4, crockery, and collections are all interests of mine so that plus Jack Monroe is a winning combination!

I hope you’re inspired to make something or collect something! Or maybe just to stare at your mugs.