Hi guys,

After a bit of a break from making, yesterday I went to pick up some more clay and glaze – different coloured clay and glaze oooo! It may not sound huge, but I always use terracotta and white glaze, so now some white clay and clear glaze will be quite different. The final items will be a lot more simple than the current stuff (I will still be doing the normal stuff though, don’t worry!). There are several ideas swirling around my head which I will be testing so make sure you look out for future posts to keep updated. Plus continuing with my previous new things. My time off wasn’t wasted as I did a lot of research, getting new ideas and just generally making sure my motivation and inspiration are in good condition. These things naturally ebb and flow and occasionally need a bit of attention.

Here are some test tiles I made yesterday. They’re grey now but will be white when fired. I will then use the clear glaze plus test mixes of coloured glaze and clear to give a sheer wash. Plus some other mark making type stuff. The impressions with show how the glaze pools in indentations which usually works really well with sheer glazes:


The indentations are a bit random on the tests, but will be done properly on my items – which will basically be the same shapes and items as before.

Did any of you come to the Clarendon Park Fair? After a wet and blustery start, the weather improved and we had a great time. I also had quite an exciting introduction with someone that will hopefully turn into a great opportunity – more on that when I find out more!