It’s a new year, and time for progress!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! Thank you for finding your way here.

It’s a new year, and time for progress! I’ll be working on some new things. I’ll be using different glazes, decorations, and different clay. There will still be common factors that are found in my work – the mix of rough and refined, the work being both functional and beautiful, as well as many other factors. Most will be on the same types of shapes and items, but there may be one or two new things there too! But don’t worry – I’ll still be making things in my original white/gold handle/flowers style. I feel it’s important to mix it up a bit – no one likes feeling jaded and stuck in a rut!

If you’re interested in keeping updated please do check back or like my Facebook page. I’ll be posting updates regularly with what I’ve been making, where I’m selling and events I’m taking part in, as well as things that inspire me.


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