New Range


I have a few more pots out of the kiln that I’m pretty sure are the beginnings of a new range for me. The pictures aren’t the best (new phone, will use a proper camera from now on!), but you can see the different shades of blue, some like mountains which I like. I’m not 100% sure about the drips, so I might not do those again, unless it’s deliberate for example on the rims pictured on a previous post. I still need to play with lots of other ways of making marks, but things are starting to come together and new things emerging. Exciting! I’d be very interested in opinions – you could send me something using the contact form on this website, or go onto my Facebook page here.

WP_20150928_005 WP_20150928_002 WP_20150928_003 WP_20150928_004 WP_20150928_006

That’s all for now, I’ll post again with some other new stuff once it’s done and out the kiln.