Just a quick update to say that I’ve now got an Instagram account for my ceramics. I often take pictures of things that I think look good, or things to try out, or generally inspiring things for my ceramics. I’ll now be posting all of these on Instagram so you can see a little into the JKW inner workings. Search @jkwceramics and follow me!

New Range


I have a few more pots out of the kiln that I’m pretty sure are the beginnings of a new range for me. The pictures aren’t the best (new phone, will use a proper camera from now on!), but you can see the different shades of blue, some like mountains which I like. I’m not 100% sure about the drips, so I might not do those again, unless it’s deliberate for example on the rims pictured on a previous post. I still need to play with lots of other ways of making marks, but things are starting to come together and new things emerging. Exciting! I’d be very interested in opinions – you could send me something using the contact form on this website, or go onto my Facebook page here.

WP_20150928_005 WP_20150928_002 WP_20150928_003 WP_20150928_004 WP_20150928_006

That’s all for now, I’ll post again with some other new stuff once it’s done and out the kiln.

Radio 4’s Book Of The Week – Edmund de Waal

Hello everyone,
The Radio 4 Book Of The Week this week is The White Road by Edmund De Waal. If you’ve been paying attention (which to be honest, I don’t expect) you’ll know Edmund De Waal is one of the potters that I looked into in my dissertation. With my flowers and gold original range you’d never see the connection (it is there), but my new blue and white range is ever so vaguely more like De Waal’s stuff.

Anyway, Radio 4 say of the book:
Potter Edmund de Waal makes a personal pilgrimage to the countries and people who make porcelain.
So if you’re ceramically inclined then it’s interesting. Or if you’re interested in how things are made. I’m both 😀

Click here for a link,


Tests And New Stuff

Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t done a blog for quite a long time but I’ve been busy doing research, looking up things for inspiration, new materials, and general motivation. I’ve also been putting the research into practice and below are the results. I’m pretty pleased with them and hope to continue with it all.

WP_20150824_003 WP_20150824_005 WP_20150824_013 WP_20150824_014 WP_20150824_019 WP_20150824_024 WP_20150824_027 WP_20150824_035 WP_20150914_010

Some worked better than others. The main thing that didn’t work was the one covered in teardrops. The blue is glaze, watered down, some more than others to give different hues. This is then covered with a clear glaze. The teardrop mug bled a lot, with both glazes merging too much. I think using a blue underglaze instead of the blue glaze would work better, meaning no bleeding. Also, the clear glaze is a cheap brush on glaze that I don’t think fits the clay body very well. Perhaps the glaze would work better at a lower temperature in the kiln, but that would mean the clay wouldn’t reach maturation, meaning it wouldn’t be as strong. My tests continue.

I hope you all like the new stuff – I’m looking forward to making lots more and really playing around with the blue decoration. It’s good to have something different to work on, I’ve been doing the flowers and gold for so long. I will always do the flowers and gold, but it’s good to have other ranges – more strings to my ceramic bow!


Hi guys,

After a bit of a break from making, yesterday I went to pick up some more clay and glaze – different coloured clay and glaze oooo! It may not sound huge, but I always use terracotta and white glaze, so now some white clay and clear glaze will be quite different. The final items will be a lot more simple than the current stuff (I will still be doing the normal stuff though, don’t worry!). There are several ideas swirling around my head which I will be testing so make sure you look out for future posts to keep updated. Plus continuing with my previous new things. My time off wasn’t wasted as I did a lot of research, getting new ideas and just generally making sure my motivation and inspiration are in good condition. These things naturally ebb and flow and occasionally need a bit of attention.

Here are some test tiles I made yesterday. They’re grey now but will be white when fired. I will then use the clear glaze plus test mixes of coloured glaze and clear to give a sheer wash. Plus some other mark making type stuff. The impressions with show how the glaze pools in indentations which usually works really well with sheer glazes:


The indentations are a bit random on the tests, but will be done properly on my items – which will basically be the same shapes and items as before.

Did any of you come to the Clarendon Park Fair? After a wet and blustery start, the weather improved and we had a great time. I also had quite an exciting introduction with someone that will hopefully turn into a great opportunity – more on that when I find out more!