£5 off for two weeks!

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d treat all my followers to some sort of deal, and have decided to offer £5 off everything for two weeks!

Now you may have noticed I don’t have an online shop – but I have a camera, a contact form, and a Facebook page! Take a look at the pictures in the gallery or on my FB page, and get an idea of the kind of thing I have – contact me telling me the sort of thing you want and I’ll send you pictures and prices of what I have, you can make a selection, and we’ll arrange pick up/drop off. Here is an example of prices and what’s on offer:


Some bargains to be had – but for two weeks only, the offer ends at the end of Monday the 18th.

Contact me using the contact form, or message me on my FB page Joanne Kirsty Willars Ceramics and we’ll get the ball rolling :)