Rubber gloves and spotty decals

Hi everyone,

This week I’ve been on the potters wheel making some more storage jars and other things. I managed to slice my finger at work on Saturday (while trying to cut a sausage, good times for a vegetarian!) and I wanted to keep the wound dry and stuck together. The wheel would have totally ripped it apart again, but I wore a rubber glove and it actually worked ok!

WP_20150309_001 (1)

One of the weirdly glazed wax resist trials has come through the kiln and it didn’t really work. Look:


Oh well – I’ll continue trying. It’s all because I washed it I’m pretty sure. Next time the glaze will be right from the beginning haha!

I’ve also been trying out some different ways of putting on the decals, like the storage jars. Spots made from a flowery decal. Should look good. I’ll be doing more of these soon so watch this space!


So that concludes my updates for the past two weeks. I’m still working on a few commissions, so that’s keeping me busy. Hopefully next week my finger will be healed enough to spend a lot more time on the wheel. Keep sending me requests of more things to make – this week I was asked for salt pigs and storage jars. What do you want from me?